"Capital! You're now a menace to foot traffic across London! Other delights work the same way. You'll need the items sold here in the Bazaar Sidestreets if you want to build a Ship, a Transport or a Home Comfort, or join a Club. Or pursue a Spouse or build an Affiliation. If you should require an item you don't recognise, your first stop should be here."

"What else? Oh yes, you can only own one ship at a time. The Masters' regulations, I'm afraid. And you can only be a member of one Club at a time, and have one Spouse, of course. If you grow weary of your current Ship, Club or Spouse, you'll have to find a way to get rid of them before you can get another one."

[To see your Velocipede, go to your inventory and look in the 'My Lodgings' section. Clubs, Spouses, Affiliations and Home Comforts can affect qualities like Persuasive or Respectable. Ships and Transports don't have such effects, but are marvellous for bragging rights. All these things will sometimes unlock opportunities.]