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Fallen London

Three decades ago, London was stolen by bats. Dragged deep into the earth by the Echo Bazaar. The sun is gone. All we have is the gas-light of Mr Fires. But Londoners can get used to anything. And it's quiet down here with the devils and the darkness and the mushroom wine. Peaceful.

But then YOU arrived.

cathyr19355's Mantelpiece

1 x Corinthian Belfry Hat

An innocuous brown hat, heavy with concealed mirrors adjustible to the needs of the wearer. Now you really can have eyes in the back of your head. Also the sides, the front and - if necessary - the top.

cathyr19355's Scrapbook

Making Waves 27

You have a reputation! Now be sure to keep your name before the public. [Making Waves will drop over time. It is merely a distraction until you've achieved Person of Some Importance status.]

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